About Zug Rentals

Zug Rentals is your partner for rolling stock rental solutions. We focus on the rental of excess rolling stock from our partners. Whether you need wagons or locomotives or whether you want to monetize excess wagons or locomotives, Zug Rentals aims to create an effortless experience for you.

Please contact us if you want to rent or rent out.

Available wagons

Interested?Wagon TypeCargoNumber availableLocationStarting DateMinimum Term (months)Maximum Term (months)Length (m)Tare Weight (t)Axle LoadSpec Sheet
TamsWeather Sensitive Bulk60DEApril 202117214,023,520,0tPDF
Rmms flat wagonBreak Bulk6DEApril 202117214,019,520,0tPDF
RemmsBreak Bulk50BEApril 20210.51814,020,020,0tPDF
LaaersCars35DEApril 202166031,029,6PDF
Ealos-tWood120CZ/SKMay 20213672
ShimmnsCoils40BEApril 202131212,522,725,0tPDF
Res flat wagonBreak Bulk70SKApril 202117219,926,120,0tPDF
Res flat wagonBreak Bulk50April 202167219,926,020,0t
ShmmnsCoils40BEApril 202131212,520,225,0tPDF
Ealos-tWood18April 202116014,022,520,0t
ShimmnsCoils40April 202167212,021,522,5tPDF
Habis G1/G2Pallet Goods60April 202167223,227,5/28,520,0tPDF
Renswood/steel, sand/gravel30April 202167219,924,622,5tPDF
ZaesCrude Oil55SKApril 2021367212,726,020,0tPDF
Uaai(s) 8-axle low bed wagonHeavy cargo3April 20210,57220,0t/22,5t
Uaai(s) 8-axle flat wagonHeavy cargo1April 20210,57222,5t
Uaai(s) 10-axle low bed wagonHeavy cargo1April 20210,57220,0 t
Uaai(s) 10-axle flat wagonHeavy cargo1April 20210,57220,0 t
SmnpsBreak Bulk/Pipes130April 202167216,723,022,5tPDF
EasBulk/wood100SKApril 202166014,023,020,0tPDF
Rs flat wagonBreak Bulk41DEApril 202117219,923t20PDF
Res flat wagonBreak Bulk11DEApril 202117219,924,5t20PDF
SdggmrssIntermodal17DEApril 2021127234,236,0t22,5tPDF

Available locomotives

Interested?Locomotive TypeCountry PackageNumber availableStarting DateMinimum Term (months)Maximum Term (months)Spec Sheet
V60 (ffst)1April 20210,512
V100 East (ffst)1April 20210,512
EMD Class 66DBNL ETCS1April 20210,512
BR187 Bombardier TraxxD1April 202112144
BR186 Bombardier TraxxDABNL ETCS1April 20210,512


Contact us if you want to rent or rent out.

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